Doi Inthanon National Park

In retrospect, 2019 was dense. I shipped a client project, completed two math classes, changed jobs, moved, and visited a foreign country. Looking over my camera roll reminds me that I squeezed in snowshoeing, cave exploration, as well as several board and MLS games.



In an effort to read more classic literature, I started a book club in 2019.

In total, I read 30 books – the most in a year since 2016. A few of my favorites were:


Film remains my favorite art and entertainment medium. In 2019, I finally watched The Matrix, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Rear Window. The Killing and Parasite were other favorites.


2019 brought a wealth of learning. In particular, I gained a new language (Rust), experience with cloud services (AWS), and an abundance of Bash and Docker knowledge. I also gained confidence in my ability to stick to problems and solve them.


Overall, I learned a lot in 2019 – both technical and about myself. I look forward to more learning and growing in 2020.